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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Abstracting Merton Park

Our Mapping Merton Park project continued last week by adding an abstract element. We looked to artist Shiraz Bayjoo, who ran our holiday course Mapping My World last Easter. We looked at some collage artists and discussed ways to lay out a collage to give a message and look interesting. We then looked at some […]

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The Art of the Game: Will you go up? Or down?

This Summer artist Sarah Carne will explore in The Art of the Game –  our 2 day children’s art Course with children – the possibility of building a human scale game similar to snakes and ladders incorporating issues that interest them. These ideas could could be as broad as recycling, climate change, school uniform or  the length of their […]

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Little Pelham artists

Look at what the youngest members of The Children’s Art School have been up to at Pelham Primary School with Sabrina Smith-Noble We made thumb and stick pots and mixed our own terracotta paint. We experimented with 3D weaving and practiced our skills with materials of different properties. Long boats. Then it was time to […]

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Making fish swim

At Pelham After School Club we have been experimenting with stop motion animation techniques. To develop our Underwater World project. We used a simple free iPad app to experiment with short movies using our paper fish. Click on the links to watch our first attempt at animation. Pelhamstopmotion-3 Pelhamstopmotion-5 Pelhamstopmotion-6 We will develop these ideas […]

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Mixed Media Mapping

In this weeks session at Merton Park Primary School we began by writing our postcards that we painted on our walk last week. We will send them to someone we love to brighten up their day! We looked at historical images and maps of Merton Park sourced from the Merton Memories Website. We cut a […]

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Painting Outside

In our Mapping Merton Park Project we continued our walks to collect material for our visual maps of the area. This week we made 2 studies in John Innes Park The Bandstand       The Henry Quartermain designed achway   We painted with watercolours onto watercolour paper postcards. We will write and send these […]

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Stories and Characters

Ania Bas has been developing characters, situations and scenes with her group at Dundonald School. She has been working with drawing, collage and paint to create fantastical creatures and placing them into different imaginary scenarios. Here’s a reminder of how some of the characters began their lives. Every session starts with drawing Annabel and the […]

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Mapping Merton Park: collage

    At Merton Park After School Club we began to incorporate some of the material we have gathered from our walks into a large collaged memory map. A warm up activity involved completing a photograph cut in half from one of our walks to jog our memory We then began to cut up copies […]

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