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Mark Long

Born and raised in London, Mark spent several years after graduating as an art teacher in secondary schools.

Portrait of Mark Long for Children's Art School

Mark Long

In 2008 Mark decided to pursue a career as an illustrator. He still teaches freelance occasionally, delivering specialist arts education to schools and museums. His illustrations can be seen most often in various newspapers and magazines, including a regular column in the Independent on Sunday.

Mark likes to draw animals and people, play football and paint murals. Most often Mark uses brush and ink or lino/woodcuts. There is a light-hearted sense of humour running throughout his illustrations, which have a strong graphic quality.


Mark’s Q&A

What do you like?

Drawing, radio, milk shakes, eating out, football, printmaking, galleries, Alton Ellis, Alan Partridge, sunny weather, books, records, Richard Scary, nostalgia, cycling, beer…

What don’t you like?

Manchester United, the gym, being cold, queuing, public transport…

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

Not doing all the other rubbish things.

If you could have any artwork in your house, what would it be?

An original Polish film poster.

What’s your advice for young artists?

Be confident.


Mark’s Work with Children’s Art School

I Keep Changing



Mark’s education work: www.pencilandhelp.co.uk

Mark’s illustrations: www.marklongillustration.co.uk