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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Extraordinary Animals

Imaginary animal puppet created at the Children's Art School holiday art course led by Julia Millette

In our fourth Easter day we invented animals. We started thinking about how to invent imaginary animals by playing a drawing game. We each drew an animal’s head, then passed our drawing to the next person who drew an animal’s body… Then we looked more carefully at animals by drawing them. We shared ideas for our […]

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The Art of Book Illustration

Sharing illustrations at Children's Art School holiday illustration course led by Pencil and Help

Our third Easter Holiday Art Course was all about book illustration. Led by artists and educators, Mark Oliver and Mark Long AKA Pencil and Help, we learned the papercut illustration technique and worked together to create our very own illustrated book. We started off looking at examples of papercut illustration, like these, and thinking about […]

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Tricking the Eye

shadow puppet show at the Children's Art School holiday art course with artist, Karen Logan

The second of our Easter Holiday Art Courses was all about creating illusions, led by artist, Karen Logan. We began by looking at Victorian thaumatropes for inspiration. We then made thaumatropes of our own. We used themes like a robber behind bars and a tree and leaves to create the illusion of a single image when […]

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Young Fashionistas at Work

Our Easter Holiday Art Courses got off to a glittering start when award-winning Sparkle Specialist and Costume Designer, Charlene Braniff, hosted a day of jewellery design in the art studios at Ricards Lodge High School. Charlene devised 5 short projects for this busy session to introduce a wide range of jewellery-making skills. Project 1 was […]

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