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Kids school and holiday art clubs

What We Do

Children’s Art School is run by Annabel Johnson

Our after-school and holiday courses are a great opportunity for children aged 7-12 to develop their creativity and confidence. And to have a lot of fun in the process.

The themes, materials and activities for each course are carefully chosen to ensure plenty of interest and variety. In each session children have time to develop their ideas in a structured and supported process, which helps them to produce a satisfying piece of work.

 At Children’s Art School kids work independently and in small groups to:

 ✮ Develop a love of art

 ✮ Share ideas

 ✮ Explore artists’ work

 ✮ Experiment with new materials and techniques

 ✮ Learn about the process of developing creative ideas

 ✮ Enjoy making art

 ✮ Have fun with other children who have similar interests.