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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wild Art on Wimbledon Common _ Day 2

  For details of day 1 click here. We arrived with trepidation on Tuesday morning hoping that our animals had survived the night. To our relief they were still hanging at the edges of our camp, looking even more beautiful as the morning sun shone through the leaves. It was quite magical setting up for […]

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Wild Art on Wimbledon Common – Day 1

On a perfect Autumn day our group met on Wimbledon Common for 2 days of art making using natural materials found in the woodland. We discussed the Samhuin idea of souls trapped inside animals and how we could release them by making an image. During a short exploration of our surroundings we foraged for basic […]

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Joining Circles

The last couple of weeks at Pelham School we have continued our circle theme, working individually and together. We designed a paper plate using cut up, brightly coloured wrapping paper. We layered and varnished with glue  The following week we began to work together on large sheets of brown paper drawing around many different sized […]

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Collaborative Cut-Out

At Merton Park this week our giant collaborative cut out is  finished. Look back through previous blogs to see how it began. We worked hard to see the picture as one large piece and made decisions on the best place to put each piece. We learnt that it can be hard to compromise our feelings […]

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Drawing with Scissors

This term we have been looking at organic shapes, that originated from our drawings of leaves.   We have used different printing techniques to create different images. This week we watched Henri Matisse drawing with scissors and experimented with his techniques -cutting into paper that we had painted ourselves. First we mixed colours and painted […]

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Drawing with wire

Our littlest artists at Pelham Primary School’s year 1 art club have been experimenting with drawing and looking at themselves. They began by taking lines for a walk out in the playground. The children looked at sections of the line art they had created outside and used colouring-in with pencil to make them more interesting. […]

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Screen printing round 2

At Merton Park after school art club this week we continued our printing experiments based on our drawings of leaves. I showed the group images of Turner Prize Nominee Ciara Phillips’ screen prints that I went to see this week at Tate Britain. We talked about the different uses of screen printing on fabric, wallpaper, […]

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All about circles

In our second and third sessions this term at Pelham primary school we continued to explore mark making using the circle as a starting point. Firstly we used charcoal, graphite sticks and chalk on black and white circles then we used felt tips and pastels on a variety of different coloured circles  We were very […]

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At Merton Park this week we learnt how to make a simple screen print using designs made from our drawings of leaves. This time we had to really simplify the shapes. We made a positive and negative template.                       Screen printing is excellent for collaborating […]

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