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Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Way Things Go 2

Following on from our first session in this project where we played with purpose, using objects to build stable but precarious structures, we now experimented with making these structures move. The simple task of making balls move, through a chain of events, across a table kept us challenged for nearly and hour and a half! […]

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The Way Things Go

Continuing from last weeks session at Merton Park Primary school where we started to think about structures and moving machines, we made some drawings of car parts and tools. I spent a surprisingly enjoyable half hour rummaging around in a car junk yard and found some fabulous things to draw. The objects helped us look […]

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Playing Seriously

In our first session back at Merton Park Primary school we began to explore ideas around building, structures and machinery. I have been interested the idea of ‘serious play’ for a while in the work that I do; that is playing with ideas or materials with a purpose. Many others who deal with creativity in […]

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