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Mark Oliver

Mark graduated in philosophy, and worked in  bookshops, gardens and schools before going to art school. His work combines critical and poetic thinking, writing,drawing and print processes.

A cartoon self portrait by Mark Oliver for Children's Art School

Mark Oliver

Mark makes comics for a number of anthologies as well as Dancing Eye, his own publishing project. The University of the Arts has purchased Mark’s etchings and his books and zines are part of the London College of Communication’s library collection.

Mark brings his love of creative thinking and self-publishing to illustration workshops in schools, galleries and museums across London and the UK.


Mark’s Q&A

What do you like?

Something that makes me laugh without knowing why.

What don’t you like?

Something mean.

What inspires you at the moment?


If you could have any artwork in your house, what would it be?

An original Krazy Kat Sunday page by George Herriman. I could look at it everyday and still be knocked out!


Mark’s Work with Children’s Art School

I Keep Changing



Mark’s education work: www.pencilandhelp.co.uk

Mark’s illustrations: www.dancingeye.co.uk