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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Beautiful Bunting

  At Pelham School the children have been busy designing and making their own bunting.  This tied in with earlier work we did designing a new world. The flags would decorate the streets in their alternative place for a parade or party. We used fabric, and ironed on motifs to make our flags. Paper versions […]

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Tile painting

We used bright coloured Acrylic paint to put the finishing touches to our clay tiles We uses tiny brushes to get paint into all the nooks and crannies!   We had to be VERY careful not to mix colours and think about the order that we added the colour. This is how they turned out. […]

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Happy Mother’s Day from Children’s Art School

Children at Merton Park Primary School made Mother’s Day cards out of their very own printed personalised logo. Mum’s received a personalised card created by their own child…much nicer than anything bought in the shops we hope! We think it’s always better to create rather than consume!

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Coming of Spring

This term in Pelham School’s KS 1 Art club we’ve been celebrating the coming of Spring and have been inspired by a Native American story the ‘Legend of the Elves’. We made our very own patch of spring garden and created original flowers to grow in it.   We’ve made Grass Sprite crowns to camouflage […]

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3D Logo

This week children transferred an idea for their own personalised logo onto a clay tile. We used rolling guides to roll out a tile of equal thickness.   We cut it to the shape we wanted.   We carved our design and sculpted some parts in relief   We used our logo designs to help […]

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Year 1 Artists

Year 1 children at Pelham School continue to experiment with materials and techniques to create some beautiful work and have lots of fun. Playing with clay Exploring textures and fabrics Spring has sprung 

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No Ordinary World

Last term at Pelham Primary School’s After School Art Club children designed alternative planets and worlds.   They worked collaboratively to create new languages and alternative realities.   They used previously created logo’s and identities to populate their worlds.                                 […]

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Logo me

The last 2 weeks at Merton Park after school club have been spent looking at logo’s and designing a logo that represents ourself. We looked at the logo’s all around us and where the designs came from.  We used our sketch book to sketch out ideas about our favourite foods, hobbies, colours and toys.   […]

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