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Philippa Snell

Philippa is a creative and performing arts practitioner based in South East England with a passion for working in woodlands. An experienced Drama and English teacher, youth theatre facilitator, educational consultant and Forest School practitioner, Philippa combines her artistic and educational expertise to create transformational outdoor experiences for young people and adults.


 Philippa’s Q and A

What do you like?

Woodlands, ancient myths and stories, Shakespeare plays, swimming in the sea, birds (especially owls and kingfishers), miniature things / giant objects and MUD!

What don’t you like?

Online forms and automated telephone systems.

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

Being constantly surprised by how things turn out

If you could have any artwork in your house, what would it be?

I’ll have Botticelli’s Primavera please.

What’s your advice for young artists?

Spend lots of time in our wonderful free national museums whenever you can.


lantern on head

Philippa’s work for Children’s Art School

Philippa will be running our October Half Term Art course on Wimbledon Common

Wild Arts on Wimbledon Common

Day 1

Day 2