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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Monthly Archives: December 2013

Key stage 1 Art club

At Pelham School’s After School Club for year 1. Children experiment with materials and techniques to explore the changing seasons. Activities are led by Sabrina Smith Noble Capturing falling leaves in a kinetic mobile. Painting with tissue paper  Creating random and irregular shapes through lines. Creating stained glass inspired cards.

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What makes you…you?

In this one off workshop for 9year old boys we looked at logo’s and designed one for ourselves. We begun by checking our clothes for popular logo’s and talked about how these might have come about. We then sketched ideas to show aspects of our lives. We combined and simplified our drawings and made them […]

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Pelham Willow Private View

The Children from Pelham After School Art Club invited parents and teachers to view their finished project at a special Private View. We arranged our work ourselves and served snacks to our guests.          

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Art that shouts!

This week at Pelham’s  after school club we continued to work on our collaborative collage about our much loved Willow tree. We experimented with pastels to draw into photocopies of our drawings of bark, branches and leaves.   We worked on sections of the collage together. We continued to look at how artists like Bob and […]

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Children’s Art School gets Christmassy

At  Donhead School Christmas fair children took part in an industrious Christmas workshop using colour cut out and printmaking techniques to create cards and decorations.

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