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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Signs and Symbols

Signs ans Symbols – Year 1 Building works are under way at Pelham and there signs going up all around. We’ve been looking at the shapes and colours that signs use to give us information. We had fun mixing them up to change the meanings and practiced wax resist on paper at the same time. […]

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Mapping Merton Park

We are working on a project to make a visual map of our local area and our place in it. We began by drawing a memory map of our journey to school We then went on a walk around our local area. We stopped and made 10 minute drawings as we went Can you tell […]

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Underwater Worlds 2

See how children at Pelham Primary School are developing their underwater worlds with artist Veena Scialo. There are plans to develop an environment for these beautiful creatures then collaborate to make a stop frame animation. We can’t wait to see how this develops! We have so much fun!

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Developing a Character

Artist Ania Bas began working with the children at Dundonald Primary School to develop a character. Ania’s warm up activities really get the brain working and thinking creatively. This week we drew a room simultaneously with both hands. We then did some life drawing to help us look closely at people. We then looked at […]

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Simply Painting

At Merton Park After School Club this week, visiting artist Katriona Beale worked with the children to explore paint in preparation for our ‘Art Walks’ later this term. We worked on – an exercise mixing paints – making up new colours and new names for them. – an exercise about tone – trying to show one […]

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Underwater worlds

Children at Pelham school art club have been creating designs for fishes. In our first session we copied shapes of fishes from black and white images. We then gave them patterns and colours from our imagination. We made templates for the shapes we wanted to make with clay. In our second session we rolled the […]

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The Seriousness of Play

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Click here to read:  Seriousness of Play – Annabel Johnson Annabel Johnson is Co-director of Children’s Art School Seriousness of Play is Published in AD magazine, issue 10 2014, NSEAD (The National Society for Education in Art and Design)  

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Simply drawing

This week at Merton Park Primary School we experimented with drawing materials and concentrated on looking hard and describing at what we could see. Drawing George! Experimenting with lines, textures and materials. Drawing our school – it is nice to finally be outside. I talked to the children while they were drawing – constantly asking […]

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