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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Collaborative Collage

Pelham School After School Club, Nov 28th We drew together all the work we have done on the Willow tree so far and begun a group collage piece. We worked in 4 groups to collage photocopies of our drawings and clay work along with magazine cuttings and mixed papers. We drew into the photocopies using […]

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Year 1 Art Club at Pelham

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Week 1 – ‘Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf becomes a flower’   We talked about the signs of autumn and documented ‘autumn flowers’ through drawing, rubbing, tracing, collage and layers. This week we collected fallen leaves and used them to create ephemeral characters.  We began trying to capture and preserve some of […]

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Printing Tree Motifs

This week at Pelham Schools’ Art club we looked back at our drawings of the willow tree and selected a motif to make into a printing tile. We carved the design into poly-block and printed onto strips of paper.

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Layered drawings

14 November. Pelham After School Art Club We layered different drawing materials to create new effects when drawing twigs, leaves and bark collected from the willow tree in the school grounds.

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Bark Impressions

14 November. At Pelham Schools’ Art Club this week we painted  clay impressions taken from the bark of the willow tree. We looked at texture and colour and painted using tiny brushes to emphasise the variety in the texture.     Looking carefully at texture When all our pieces were finished we arranged them into […]

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Blind Drawing

7th November Pelham School Art Club We studied branches, bark and leaves collected from the willow tree in the school grounds. We masked our paper by fixing a shield to our pen or pencil and made drawings that forced us to look at the object and not worry about what we were drawing.  

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The Pelham Willow

This term at Pelham Primary Schools’ art club we will be commemorating the Pelham Willow tree, before it is sadly felled to make room for much needed classrooms. We started by documenting the tree in preparation for the project.We drew quick sketches and made rubbings outside in fine liner, charcoal, wax and pencil. We took […]

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