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Monthly Archives: December 2015

I’m dreaming of…. Merry Christmas from Children’s Art School

To conclude this terms work on the Fibonacci sequence – where we have explored nature and mathematical sequencing in art with children at Pelham school; the children made paper beads with secret messages hidden inside to add to their dream catchers. The finished dreamcatchers were beautiful  – they could look lovely hanging above your child’s bed to […]

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Moving in the Shadows

As part of their work on the human figure Year One children have been experimenting with wire to make figures. See earlier post   Sabrina Smith Noble showed them how to create a small figure out of wire and cover it with foil. Children were then able to manipulate their little doll into different positions. They […]

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Spiralling dreams – mathematics and art and nature

For Artist Veena Scialo’s latest project with her class at Pelham she began reflecting with the children on her love of the spiral form in nature. She has a keen interest in the ideas around the golden section and divine geometry She began by showing the children a couple of clips found on You Tube […]

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