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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Toy stories

Last week children at Merton Park Primary School used toys to create stories, and experimented with collage techniques to use in a backdrop.   This week we completed our backdrop and developed a storyboard from which to sequence our scenes.                     We photographed each stage as […]

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Lines and Shapes with Key Stage 1

Sabrina Smith-Noble is working with Key Stage 1 at Pelham Primary School Week 1 Lines – This term we’re looking at the basics beginning with lines. We experimented with taking lines for a walk and seeing the different types of line we could draw and make. Week 2 Shapes – Moving on from last week’s […]

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Pattern yourself

Artist Barbara Veena Scialo is working on on an identity project, creating patterns and logos with children at Pelham Primary School’s After School Club. We started off thinking about different elements which represent our self, our names, favourite colours, animals. In the first session children worked on large sheets in 3 groups to develop ideas. […]

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Creative play and story building

I have long been fascinated by the way children play, build their own scenes and create stories as they go. I often look at the remnants of my children’s play and imagine scripts for many a story or film. It saddens me to see creative play lessening in the lives of our children with the intoxicating […]

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Objects and Abstract

Children played with objects to create faces, thinking about shape colour and mood. They drew around the objects and used oil pastels to create bright abstract portraits                                          

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Blind Portraits

The Children in our new club at Merton Park Primary School introduced themselves by drawing each other blindfolded. We stared at each other for 2 minutes looking closely at our features. It was hard not to giggle! We then blindfolded each other and drew what we could remember.   We didn’t have to worry what […]

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