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Summer 2016

 Fleeting Images: Life drawing and animation for children


25 and 26 July


8 and 9 August


Artist Victoria Turnbull will lead two, two day courses focusing on life drawing and animation for children.


In this experimental drawing and animation workshop, participants will explore the movements and actions of the human body, develop techniques for drawing the human figure in action and create their own flick book animations based on the extraordinary actions of the human body.

Day 1: Life drawing

We will work with a clothed life model to look at poses that suggest movement, work collaboratively and individually and explore imaginative ways of using mark making in response to the moving figure. We will experiment with a range of materials and techniques including: gestural drawing with the whole body, collaborative drawing, drawing with your eyes shut, two pencils etc. in a variety of exciting and surprising different ways.


Day 2: Creating short animation sequences in flick books

We will take inspiration from our favourite ‘figures’ on day one and explore: how the frozen figure might move, what might happen next through playing and experimenting in groups.

We will think about how gestures and actions can describe feelings and stories and transfer these stories to flickbooks.

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25 and 26 July

8th and 9th August

9.30am – 4.30pm

Age 6-12 years

£120 for 2 days

Venue: Donhead School, Edge Hill, Wimbledon, SW19 4NP

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