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Monthly Archives: November 2015

A Different Game: Young people working with art and artists

Over the last 9 months I have been working with colleague and friend Alicia Miller to programme the engage international conference in Glasgow. engage are the national association for gallery education the UK’s most effective advocacy and support organisation for gallery education. Many of you have taken a welcome interest in the we topics explored so […]

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Mobiles, fireworks and wire sculptures….

Our year 1 children have been super busy this term experimenting with many different tools and materials. We have looked at Alexander Calder and made little mobiles out of found materials, paper clips and straws. We tried hard to make them balance. We used paint pastel and collage to make firework pictures, imagining how our […]

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Making music from our art

After spending a bit of time designing and making our own sheet of patterned paper we used it to make a small drum inspired by instruments from all over the world. We had some problem solving to do when it came to assembling the paper cups and finding ways  to paste our patterned papers onto […]

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