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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Reasons to write…. when you are 6!

So many times I have seen my children put in the position where they have to write something. They often feel totally uninspired and lost for ideas. One of the activities developed by Sabrina Smith Noble in our holiday photography course gave my son the inspiration he needed to write one of his first stories, […]

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Public Art

At the end of last term in Pelham Primary School, children played with scale and illusion when siting photographs of their cardboard sculptures into landscape settings. See how the sculptures were made in a previous session: Reimagining Miro This follows in the photomontage tradition used by many sculptors and architects like Mies Van de Rohe (images below) […]

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Fun with Photography – Day 2

In day 2 of our half term Fun With Photography course, with photographic artist Marysa Dowling we looked at manipulating images by hand, playing with scale and composition. To see day one’s activities click here. We looked at some interesting archive images, sourced from the internet and imagined ourselves within the scene. We drew some […]

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Fun with Photography – Day 1

Photographic artist Marysa Dowling spent the first day of our half term course exploring composition, framing, movement, emotion, storytelling, lighting and the use of props. The first half of this post will focus on the 7-12 age group…so scroll down if you are more interested in the under 6 age group. Marysa began with an […]

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Beautiful Collographs

This week at Merton Park After School Art Club we learnt to make a collograph print. We refined our plates made last week that were based on our drawings of rusty old car parts. We then mixed some acrylic paint to the right consistency and applied it to our plate. We made our paper wet […]

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Year 1 Colour Explosions

  In Sabrina Smith Noble’s Art Club for year 1 children we’ve started the lead-up to spring by experimenting with colour and trying out different materials. The children have practised mixing primary colours to make a colour wheel and then experimented with complimentary colour schemes using pastels. Each week they’ve tried a different material and […]

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Reimagining Miro

At Pelham School we have been inspired by Miro, his use of shape and his limited colour palette We started our first session with a dice game and different shapes inspired by Miro. The children created their own fantasy creature or person using shapes indicated by the number of the dice.   We then coloured […]

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Tuttle and Texture

We have been looking at tools, machines and parts of old cars. We made some drawings and looked at the variety of shapes and textures.   This week we began to imagine other ways of creating texture. We looked at Richard Tuttle’s work, who has recently had an exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery and Tate Modern. […]

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