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Kids school and holiday art clubs

First after school Art and Pottery Classes @Hags Pottery

I thought I would share the results of my first three weeks of classes in my Garden studio. Children began by learning how to prepare or ‘wedge’ the clay, and made simple pinch pots, formed into the shape of their choice. We then experimented with pressing found, natural and man made objects into the clay […]

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Abstract Pattern Making

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The collaborative young artists’ led by textile artist Veena and her creative assistant Sam jumped into Abstraction with vigour and delight.  See the energy in these wax drawings whirling and swirling in repetitive circular spirals. The underlying application for these abstract designs will evolve into a carpet design further down the line, using woollen felt. […]

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Riley Stars and Stripes

Creative Practitioner Louise Pasquill led our youngest artists into abstraction this week.  Inspired by legendary British artist Bridget Riley, we all watched a short video about her life and her work (hover over blue name to be taken through to the link).  Tate Kids is a great place to introduce children to a wide gallery […]

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Animation Planet!

This half term, Veena‘s group set to work creating an imaginary planet: The planet could take any form or shape and be inhabited by any type of creature. They watched short stop-animations on youtube to get an indication of the potential breadth of possibilities, styles and storylines. By learning from other artists examples, the children […]

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Cockles and Mussels Alive Alive O’

Wrapped up in the depths of Winter, we flung off the blankets and strode off to the breezy seaside for inspiration for our latest project, a spirited Shell Ring collage. A quiet coastal cove, littered with skimming stones,  small brightly coloured plastic pebbles dredged in from the sea, rock pools and sandy waves rippling over […]

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Treetop Figurines

For our final festive session of the term, we took a treetop turn.  Artist and illustrator Louise Pasquill provided an example of a doll, as a point of reference from which the group could develop their ideas for their own miniature figurines. The children were given some skills, such as wrapping, threading, folding, braiding, knotting and […]

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Character Clay Portraits

Continuting with our themes of modelling (see Firebird project by clicking here) and portraiture we took several weeks to complete masks, made from air dry clay and decorated with poster paint. The children were given the technical skills to attach noses, eyes, hair and lips to create a portrait of their characters.  Most of them […]

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Fanelli Faces

Inspired by the popular children’s book illustrator Sara Fanelli, artist and illustrator Louise Pasquill, led an activity early in the term on character portraits.  Sara’s use of collage creates astounding, dramatic and sometimes frightening results.  See her book “Mythological Monsters”.  She thinks carefully about composition and makes interesting decisions when assembling her characters. After watching […]

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Northern Lights Christmas Tree

This magical Christmas Tree scene was a short project, that was completed in the last session of term.  Perfect for trying at home over the Christmas holidays! The first step is to cut out a paper fir tree, using a stencil and cover it with strips of tissue paper using stick glue. Next up, the […]

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Fallen Leaf Bowls

With the arrival of Autumn, colourful swathes of leaves inspired artist and tutor Veena Scialo to bring her own version of natural art into the classroom.  A delicate, realistic fallen leaf bowl made beautifully using air dry clay and poster paint. The first stage of this project involved life drawing leaves, to learn their outline, […]

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