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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Positive and Negative

Our Merton Park artists were experimenting with positive and negative this week in our continued exploration of lines and shapes. We did some more drawings of leaves trying to work bigger and bolder. We then experimented with drawing with string. It helped us to really look at simplifying the lines and shapes we saw. We […]

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Making Marks

Pelham School’s after school art clubs got off to an experimental start with all sorts of marks being made in all sorts of places. Key stage 2 took part in a collaborative drawing circle, where marks were made and shared on discs of card that were passed around.   Key stage 1 took lines for […]

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Drawing Leaves – pencil, pastel and scissors.

For the first session at Merton Park’s after school art club we decided to make the most of the late September sun and do some drawing outside. We decided to look at leaves and varying shaped they make. We started to look at lines and shapes using graded pencils We tried short sketches and longer […]

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Wild Art on Wimbledon Common

This half term Children’s Art School have teamed up with the BIG DRAW to go WILD on Wimbledon Common with Artist and Forest School practitioner Philippa Snell.                     I have always loved Autumn on Wimbledon Common and enjoy exploring with my two boys; making dens, soaking […]

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