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Viyki Turnbull

Victoria Turnbull is a British born artist and graduate of the Norwich School of Art. Her work often uses ordinary objects, discovering personal poetics in their everyday arrangement and use.Since the beginning of 2015 she has been based in Germany where her practice is developing into theatre and performance.

Kerstin EOS Bound Konfinium WKV und mehr 2015 134

Her drawings, installations and performances have been shown in venues including the Whitechapel Gallery and Camden Arts Centre, London and the Württembergisher Kunstverein and Kunstraum 34, Stuttgart. In 2012, she was the recipient of the Islington Exhibits artist award for her work ‘The drawn Inventory of all the objects in her studio,154 drawings recording the artist’s workspace through the objects that she used there. She currently lives and works in Stuttgart and London.



Zonen 4.2, chalk and graphite on paper, 3 x 2 metres, 2015

 Viyki’s Q and A

What do you like?

I like challenges, learning new things, working with other people and travelling

What don’t you like?


What’s the best thing about being an artist?

I like sharing the way I see / feel about the world

If you could have any artwork in your house, what would it be?

Impossible to answer!!

What’s your advice for young artists?

Don’t be too hard on yourself


Viyki’s work: www.victoriaturnbull.com

Viyki’s work for Children’s Art School

Viyki will lead 2, 2 day courses in life drawing and animation with children in Summer 2016.