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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Magazines for Kids by Kids – Day Two

Artist Ania Bas continued to lead the team of editors in the production of their magazine. The group began to bond through decision making and collaborative action. Teams were formed for specific tasks and the children worked together to inspire and advise each other. Slowly ‘The Artist Times’ emerged! Children developed their own content based […]

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Magazines for Kids By Kids – Day one

At the Children’s Art School Half Term course children worked as a team of editors to design and create their own magazine by kids for kids. We looked at magazines and planned what we would like to include.                         We included puzzles, cartoons, comic […]

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Toy stories 2

At Merton Park Primary School work on compiling our comic strips began.                 We cut out our photographed scenes and sequenced into a simple zig-zag book adding speech, thought bubbles and a simple narrative.                           The […]

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Magazines by Kids for Kids: Half term course

We are interested in looking at the content that is produced for children’s magazines and asking children to cast a critical eye over the things supposedly produced for them. We will then ask them design their own visual magazine that will be printed professionally. Ania Bas will lead our half term course which will focus […]

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