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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Fuzzy Felting

Following on from creating Abstract Pattern making collages (see here), Veena‘s group progressed to Wet Felting. Firstly, the young artists watched a Youtube video clip, to understand the technique, click here to see. Five work stations were set up around the classroom, each for a different stage in the process.  From choosing colours, to sponging, rubbing and […]

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Abstract Pattern Making

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The collaborative young artists’ led by textile artist Veena and her creative assistant Sam jumped into Abstraction with vigour and delight.  See the energy in these wax drawings whirling and swirling in repetitive circular spirals. The underlying application for these abstract designs will evolve into a carpet design further down the line, using woollen felt. […]

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Riley Stars and Stripes

Creative Practitioner Louise Pasquill led our youngest artists into abstraction this week.  Inspired by legendary British artist Bridget Riley, we all watched a short video about her life and her work (hover over blue name to be taken through to the link).  Tate Kids is a great place to introduce children to a wide gallery […]

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