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Introducing Children’s Art School @Hags pottery

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Collaborative Collage

Pelham School After School Club, Nov 28th We drew together all the work we have done on the Willow tree so far and begun a group collage piece. We worked in 4 groups to collage photocopies of our drawings and clay work along with magazine cuttings and mixed papers. We drew into the photocopies using […]

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Art Eggstravaganza

Decorated Eggs at the Children's Art School after school art club led by artist, Karen Logan

At tonight’s Pelham Art Club we put the relief print blocks that we’d created last week to the test, creating a wonderful variety of repeating patterns. We also had some end-of-term Easter fun too, decorating blown eggs. Artist, Karen Logan, is passionate about printing. She explained three different kinds of print layouts; Block Repeat, Brick Repeat […]

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Relief Printing, Part 1

Making relief print pattern blocks with cardboard and string at the Children's Art School after school art club with artist, Karen Logan

How long is a piece of string? We used loads of different lengths at this week’s Pelham Art Club to create pattern blocks which we’re going to use to make our own relief prints. First, we sketched out some ideas. Artist, Karen Logan, asked us to create one curvy organic design and one using straight […]

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A Tale of Three Tables

Op art tile painting at childrens after school art club led by artist Karen Logan

This week’s after school art club at Pelham was an open session in which artist, Karen Logan, gave children the opportunity to join one of three activities; clay modelling, clay model painting and conducting painting experiments. On the first tables children painted the tiles that they had made before half-term. We’d used air-drying clay which […]

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Op-Art Tiles

Using templates to make ceramic tiles at the children's art school after school club

At this week’s Pelham Art Club, we used air-drying clay to make patterned tiles. Our designs were inspired by the work of Bridget Riley, an artist who loves playing with optical illusions. We were also influenced by the geometrical designs used in Islamic tiles. Work began, as usual, in our sketchbooks, experimenting with patterns. Once […]

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Spring Printmaking

Print blocks from children's art school club

Pelham Art Club has been printmaking. Our spring theme was inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries from fifteenth century France, and the appearance of the first green shoots here in London. We began by looking at some mille-fleurs (thousand flowers) designs on the ancient tapestries. And we saw some examples of how these artworks inspire […]

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Back into the Shadows

Boy and puppet at children's after school art club

By popular demand, this week’s Art Club at Pelham returned to the theme of shadow puppets.  Some children had run out of time to finish their creations last week. Others had found working on small puppets tricky and wanted to have another go, creating new designs on a larger scale and using more colour.  So […]

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Shadow Play

Childrens Shadow Play

Yesterday’s theme for the Art Club at Pelham was silhouettes and shadows. We had a great time creating shadow puppets with artist, Karen Logan. We began by developing ideas in our sketchbooks. Once the drawings were complete everyone chose their favourite and transferred it onto black card. We had to think about this a bit […]

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