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Art Eggstravaganza

Decorated Eggs at the Children's Art School after school art club led by artist, Karen Logan

At tonight’s Pelham Art Club we put the relief print blocks that we’d created last week to the test, creating a wonderful variety of repeating patterns. We also had some end-of-term Easter fun too, decorating blown eggs. Artist, Karen Logan, is passionate about printing. She explained three different kinds of print layouts; Block Repeat, Brick Repeat […]

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Printing from Nature

Girl showing her finished print at the half-term printmaking workshop at the Children's Art School with artist, Chrys Allen

Tuesday brought glorious sunshine, which was perfect for our Beastly and Beautiful Print-Making course led by artist, Chrys Allen. Not only was our room lovely and light, one of the day’s tasks involved foraging outside for natural shapes and textures to use in our prints. Chrys welcomed everyone to the course with a metre of […]

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Spring Printmaking

Print blocks from children's art school club

Pelham Art Club has been printmaking. Our spring theme was inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries from fifteenth century France, and the appearance of the first green shoots here in London. We began by looking at some mille-fleurs (thousand flowers) designs on the ancient tapestries. And we saw some examples of how these artworks inspire […]

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