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Animation Planet!

PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-20 3

This half term, Veenas group set to work creating an imaginary planet: The planet could take any form or shape and be inhabited by any type of creature.

They watched short stop-animations on youtube to get an indication of the potential breadth of possibilities, styles and storylines. By learning from other artists examples, the children were able to comprehend how simple puppets held together with glue dots, a story can develop in numerable ways.

The children took inspiration from festivals that may be celebrated on their planet.

PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 7

Working as a team, the groups started off sketching their ideas onto paper using pencils and pens.  After they’d downloaded their initial thoughts, they refined the landscape of their planet into paintings of scenery, with the intention of using the pictures as a backdrop for a stop-motion animation.

PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 6 PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 5 PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 4 PHOTO-2020-01-09-20-22-52 2

PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-21 3 PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-21 2 PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-20 PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-20 2 PHOTO-2020-02-06-18-44-21

The next steps were to continue with developing the props and characters for the storyline, using simple paper cut-outs.

PHOTO-2020-02-13-12-50-41 PHOTO-2020-02-13-12-50-41 2Finally, the teams pulled up the Director’s Chair and paved their way to producing their own short films.  To view the finished features, click through to our Vimeo stream by following the links below.








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