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Reimagining Miro

At Pelham School we have been inspired by Miro, his use of shape and his limited colour palette

Melancholic Singer Joan Miro the-smile-of-the-flamboyant-wings

We started our first session with a dice game and different shapes inspired by Miro.

The children created their own fantasy creature or person using shapes indicated by the number of the dice.

10982482_636823826424383_2676176726500579546_n 10923516_636823389757760_1035994066338399399_n


We then coloured the different shapes with wax crayons and finished with a watercolour wash.


10968333_636824159757683_2360778497198607766_n 10955213_636823769757722_68254173755929597_n 10941003_636823439757755_3212704647003868308_n 10389062_636823523091080_7935453620346935871_n 10393578_636823646424401_5932830989878634660_n 10438128_636823469757752_6150032958213458437_n 10922646_636823919757707_3111183729723713700_n 1560484_636824139757685_3633631616966732309_n 68923_636824093091023_8031820613768380568_n










































In our next two sessions we drew shapes on different bits of card and cardboard from cut up boxes. We painted them and cut out the shapes.

1488866_636627196444046_5356471353563446266_n 10246801_636628309777268_3827428244187091531_n 10308254_636626923110740_4463322814573769112_n 10929566_636627176444048_8781468944759810207_n

We then painted also the back of each piece with just one flat colour always choosing between red, yellow, blue, green and black.

551511_636627119777387_2533327211465145340_n 988937_636627153110717_2765301469633941025_n 1526920_636627496444016_232142090004848440_n 10015157_636627099777389_430919916410202305_n 10306177_636627143110718_8568604976608294331_n

We then cut slits into our different cardboard shapes and stuck them together to create a sculpture.

10978682_636626999777399_6062898580711237183_n 10959895_636626909777408_7087531384483431613_n 10959466_636627233110709_1027080817259518333_n 10388629_636627016444064_6395279391030762736_n 10473056_636627246444041_8117981846133233745_n

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