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Kids school and holiday art clubs

Little Pelham artists

Look at what the youngest members of The Children’s Art School have been up to at Pelham Primary School with Sabrina Smith-Noble

We made thumb and stick pots and mixed our own terracotta paint.


IMG_3263-001Thumb and stick pots

We experimented with 3D weaving and practiced our skills with materials of different properties.

IMG_3264 IMG_3261
Long boats.
Then it was time to practice ship building skills with a model Viking ship.
We began by looking at a model and drawing our own fantastical ships.
Long ship fleet preview
We then used templates to cut out base pieces.
CAS SS14 Week 7 (6) making boat CAS SS14 Week 7 (5) CAS SS14 Week 7 (17)
It was great fun creating wood-grain textures with paint and lot’s of concentration was needed to join the bases for the boats together.

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