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Art that shouts!

This week at Pelham’s  after school club we continued to work on our collaborative collage about our much loved Willow tree.

We experimented with pastels to draw into photocopies of our drawings of bark, branches and leaves.


Working colour into a twig


Smudging colours together


Layering colours onto photocopied drawings from our friends


Getting into our materials!


We worked on sections of the collage together. We continued to look at how artists like Bob and Roberta Smith and Mark Wallinger use art to make a protest and thought about this in relation to our collage work.


Experimenting with ways to show bark


Mixing cut papers, photocopied drawings and rubbings together


Various ways to show bark


Can you spot tiny pieces from the whole project here?


See how the tree is progressing and look out for the finished piece next week.

DSC_0022 - Version 2

Look out for the finished tree next week

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