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Pop-Up Parties

Louise Pasquill‘s class continued to exercise their skills developing characters and visual storytelling, this time building 3-dimensional scenes.

Together we read the book “Harry by the Sea“, to inspire us to think about setting a scene visually.

Although the illustrator Margaret Bloy Graham, used a limited colour palate, she made very expressive drawings, to bring Harry, the charismatic dog, to life.

How do we know he’s by the sea from looking at the pictures?

What has the artist told us through clever use of props in her illustrations?  Parasols, sunshine, seaweed, hot-dog stand, ice creams.

We looked at facial expressions: the angry lady, the happy children, the lost dog.  We noted which props had been put into the pictures: sunshine, seaweed, sand castles – to send clear messages about the location and atmosphere of the scene to the viewer.

The children all considered what their characters were doing and how best to express that is a visual way.

The cat found the who took the bunny’s flowers from the sand pit.  Naughty cat!
Turning - 17 The family of other animals, the sausage dog, duck, cat and frog all out for a Sunday stroll in the fresh air. Turning - 18 The children worked hard to add elements from the environment as clues for the viewer.

Here, you can clearly depict the  foreground, middle ground and background setting for the creatures of the tropical seas. The soft blues and greens create a calm surround, making the orange star fish really stand out.Turning - 20 A piece of A4 white card, was folded horizontally in two.

Teeth were cut approximately 1 inch wide along the spine of the fold.

The cut-out strips were folded in and the card opened out to make the foreground and background for the scene.Turning - 21 Turning - 22The characters were stuck onto the pop-up folds.

We used glitter to embellish and add some texture to our beautiful artworks. Turning - 23 Turning - 25 Turning - 26 What lovely cutting skills!

Turning - 28The Hallowe’en party with the bucket of eyes!  Brilliant balloons, illustrate that this is a party scene.


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