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Texture, pattern and clay

We have finally kicked off for a new term at Pelham Primary School with a flourishing class.

We now have 2 full groups. One Key Stage 1 group led by Louise Pasquill and a Key stage 2 group led by Veena Scialo. We began the term in glorious sunshine by working outside with some activities tested during our summer holiday courses Fleeting Images


We organised the children into Key stages so the younger children have more support with practical tasks. They have begun by working with clay this term.dsc_0041

Louise began by looking at Picasso’s lesser known ceramic works and talked about pattern and texture.

dsc_0061 Children looked at a variety of textured objects and experimented with the impressions they made, when pressing into a clay block.dsc_0063 dsc_0064

They then chose the elements they liked and worked them into a pattern.dsc_0065 dsc_0066 dsc_0068 dsc_0069 dsc_0070 dsc_0073 dsc_0074 dsc_0093 dsc_0075 dsc_0094 img_2922 img_2927 img_2928

Some really pretty clay tiles were produced.img_2929 img_2930 img_2931 img_2936 img_2937 img_2938 img_2939 img_2940

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