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Leaf impressions

This Autumn Veena has been working with the Key Stage 2 art club at Pelham Primary School on a lovely ceramics project.

The children began by revisiting basic colour theory through mixing powder paints.

They enjoyed mixing colours and completing a simple grid.dsc_0023

They observed Autumn leaves and made observational paintings, applying their colour mixing skills.dsc_0011 dsc_0020 dsc_0010 dsc_0008 dsc_0017 dsc_0016 dsc_0014 dsc_0013 dsc_0012 dsc_0002 dsc_0001

Veena demonstrated how you can take an impression of a leaf on a piece of clay and craft it into a bowl.


Guide sticks were used to roll out the clay to a certain thickness.

dsc_0034 dsc_0040Then we rolled the leaf onto the clay.
dsc_0047 dsc_0045

It revealed a gorgeous impressiondsc_0048 dsc_0051

The clay leaf was cut outdsc_0056

And moulded into a plastic or paper bowl to give it shapedsc_0058

A ring of clay was added at the bottom so it wold be sturdy.dsc_0060

The children then made their own version.

dsc_0064 dsc_0069 dsc_0072 dsc_0075 dsc_0082 dsc_0079 dsc_0083 dsc_0086 dsc_0087 dsc_0088 dsc_0089 dsc_0098 img_4820 img_4821

Its quite magical seeing the impression of the leaf emerge.img_4822 img_4823 img_4826 img_4827

The children then revisited their leaf paintings to paint on top of the clay.dsc_0008-2




A coat of varnish was applied to the finished bowl


dsc_0009 dsc_0010-2 dsc_0012-2 dsc_0004 dsc_0005We think these finished bowls are quite gorgeous!





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