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Drawing Dragons – watercolours and metallics

Alongside our playful work on emotions our little artists have been learning to use metallic and watercolour pencils to make intricate studies of dragons.

They made observational drawings from toys.


Gave their dragons names and characteristicsAPPA3567 IQDM2627 QCYZ5991LIJL5487

We used watercolour pencils on lovely water colour paper, to create careful patterning and details.PUMC2928OHNG4137 SLRX6036 TAUF4354

Water colour pencils mixed with water and careful brushwork made our drawings sing and come to life.HHZB1636 GOFJ9843 HZHW0269

Transferring designs onto black paper with metallic pens and pencils made them look extra special.INYS1042 TIJD7795JYJM8695


These skills will be used in a project on illuminated lettering

We also used our ideas in dragon puppets in time for Chinese New Year


We cut dragon parts from sheets of paper decorated with wax resist.8cdb5218-7ff3-405b-acc1-28389d44e6e1

Joined them together with split pins and made them move with straws75e60ce6-715b-4924-b9c3-bab9eb1c6d82 76fc563c-68c9-4a7e-a24b-316f57ed441b e5f2c2e4-2776-4f05-8e8a-0e3843ff58ba be1c3b4b-d940-4ad6-bce1-603c0d3f8a26We can use them as shadow puppets too.


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