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Christmas crafts with our littlest artists

Our littlest artists have been busy preparing for Christmas!

Cute little Snowmen, with gorgeous bobble hats!B3620A97-11DA-4DF1-AB91-0C813B7C7347

Some fantastical coloured Christmas trees in a winter landscape. Looks like they are looking for Santa in the Northern Lights!F5E66621-D8FD-4EC8-BFED-489F5C05B59E D6901E58-8CEB-4CBD-8B37-5A7A12BFDC4D D710C909-1F0F-4E08-AAD3-8680B67EF6AA

And some fun cChristmas trees made from paper plates to decorate your Christmas tree!

7856B09D-C5BD-4E3E-9F11-B3989EAF0047 6737ACDB-C702-4EA9-BD79-8E9C9A242FD9 964A7A7A-0C2C-4FC4-828F-08FCF36D8AE6 330E352D-44BE-4D83-9E3E-356C17348BE8 92ACB5D9-7FAB-4644-91E7-DE5D67D7F747 8F8B9C75-64A2-4E11-AABA-1329597490F6 3E412583-528C-4485-937B-A7A6B4B3134AWishing you a very restful and creative Christmas from the Children’s Art School team!

Annabel, Veena, Louise, Lana and Nikki

See you next year


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