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Action and Animation

Our Key Stage 2 group at Pelham Primary school have continued the theme of movement and the figure. We started the term with some life drawing, which developed into small pipe cleaner sculptures. See earlier BLOG post –  The Moving body

dsc_0080 dsc_0092

img_2380img_2390They moved on to create sculpted environments for their figures and were completely absorbed in their construction work.



We used simple materials – paper, card, scissors, glue sticks and masking tape. img_2434 img_2437 img_2438

It was great to see how the children found a range of ways to use their imagination, working in 3D. This involved quite a bit of problem solving.img_2439

img_2440 img_2441 img_2442 img_2446 img_2447 img_2448

Other simple activities were used as warm ups

Children started off with a scribble and passed on the sheet to try and create a figure from the lines made.

img_2470 img_2473 img_2475

We are not quite sure if they got the idea – they got so absorbed in scribbling and playing but you can just about see some figures emerging!

After scribbling they  drew a range of figures, creating a simple moving storyboard.

img_2459 img_2460 img_2466

Storyboards developed and finally were made into simple flick book animations, which was a challenging activity.

img_2485 img_2492

Here are some of the flick book animations, which the children loved doing.
img_2479        img_2484       img_2488       img_2491
DSC_0034 DSC_0029 DSC_0028
We then worked on the topic super heroes to take the figure drawing project further into animation. The children worked in groups to come up with a story and a backdrop.
The children then created props and a set using plasticine card and other modelling materials and made a short animation. They loved this process!
Modelling figures with plasticine
img_2543 img_2548
Creating backdrops
img_2565 img_2562
Creating a story
img_2555 img_2539 img_2538 img_2516 img_2515 img_2550 fullsizerender-9
Filming the sequence using iPads and simple animation apps.
img_2564 img_2560 img_2559
Hopefully I can post the finished animations here in due course!

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