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Pop Portraits

Louise Pasquill was inspired by our previous project Fun with Photography and Dada collage puppets.


We discussed “identity”.  How we recognise positions in society?  By uniform; such as the armed forces, public servants and heath care workers.


We dreamt of ambitions for our future: nurses, policemen, soldiers, vets, rock stars, dancers, artists and art teachers.

IMG_0786 IMG_0807

We developed an alter ego, gave them a name, dressed up and drew and cut out paper props to accompany our characters in our “studio”.  Props included a paintbrush, a bow, a violin and a crown. These were our visual expression to the viewer, about the subject, giving clues of our position in society, our job or our wealth.


Using Photo Booth imaging, we photographed some exciting Pop Portraits of our characters.

IMG_0788 IMG_0809 IMG_0799

To be continued…

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