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Young Children Drawing

This week children were exploring how to draw animals we really got through a lot of drawing studies.

We looked at a number of images of drawings from a large range of painters, including Gainsborough’s Cats, Matisse’s Horses and Picasso’s Bull and Cockerell.

picasso_bull_plate_7 picasso_bull_plate_10

The children were given an animal model and were asked to study it.  To look at the texture of it’s coat/skin, the shape of it’s body, it’s facial features and details like claws, whiskers, teeth or eyelashes.



They then started a series of quick drawings using charcoal and chalk, to focus on light and shade.  They used different paper sizes, small for details such as the eye, larger for the outline shape of the animal.IMG_0083

IMG_0103-2IMG_0083 IMG_0086IMG_0087IMG_0089 IMG_0092 IMG_0101-2

After collecting a range of studies, they spent the final 45 minutes producing a watercolour portrait of their subject in it’s environment or with it’s food/favourite activity.
The tiger is playing with his ball.
The meerkat is dreaming and sniffing his dinner in his dream.
The lion cub is eating carrots.
The monkey is playing with a bunch of bananas.


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