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Grand designs in the garden

Veena has been working with recycled materials to realise children’s ideas for the perfect garden.

First they brainstormed what a good garden should be like.

IMG_0759 IMG_0760


Then the children worked in groups to imagine what a Garden could look like. They were able to share and discuss their ideas.




IMG_0774 IMG_0779Here are the finished plans.

IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1711


The children then created a great variety of gardens using mainly recycled materials like polystyrene, cardboard, sticks, seedpots, sand and tissue paper.
IMG_0831 IMG_0834 IMG_0841
We used toothpicks, pegs and cotton buds to create fences and flowers. Children enjoyed solving problems and using their creativity to come up with new ideas with the materials they had to hand.
IMG_0859 IMG_0854 IMG_0852 IMG_0850 IMG_0833
Children collaborated on gardens as they reached different stages.
Once all the gardens were done we made little easter nests with a simple paper weaving technique.
IMG_0846 IMG_0860 IMG_0855



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