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Into the Woods

Louise Pasquill has followed a woodland theme this term with her year one children using stories and biodegradable materials for inspiration. As animals come out of hibernation it’s definitely springtime in the forest at Pelham school.


The children drew beautiful pictures of owls and hedgehogs.



Then they made small models from clay – first they made hedgehogs, and carefully painted them with earthy tones.



IMG_2032 IMG_2031

Next came the owls.

IMG_2002 IMG_2001 IMG_1998 IMG_1996 IMG_1994

The children looked at pictures of owls and learnt how to mix colours and add shading and tinting with a limited palette of grey tones. They looked at colours that would keep the owls well camouflaged.


They made each owl a nest to live in, lining it with biodegradable materials like moss,wool, leaves and sticks to keep it safe.

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_2033

Then they created a surround scene of the tree where the nest rests. They looked at the shapes that trees make and used finger painting to add the leaves.

IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1364 IMG_1361 IMG_1360 IMG_1359


The creatures were photographed together in the woodland scene.


Finally we created paper egg decorations to link onto our Easter nest! The children took home all of their work from the whole term and a small present (I avoided chocolate) of a fluffy chick, which thrilled them

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