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Making music from our art

After spending a bit of time designing and making our own sheet of patterned paper we used it to make a small drum inspired by instruments from all over the world.
IMG_0014 IMG_0016IMG_0168 IMG_0169DSC_0008
We had some problem solving to do when it came to assembling the paper cups and finding ways  to paste our patterned papers onto the drums.


We had stencils to cut the right shapes and added slits so the patterned paper covered the cups easily.
We then pasted the paper to the cups and added a good layer of glue.
Attaching the ‘skin’ to the drums was quite tricky but somehow it all came together in the end
and we got to see many happy and proud faces.


Vasare made a rainstick from her patterned paper.
Different shaped cups made different drums and they all made variety of sounds.
IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107
After responding to music at the start of the term to make marks and patterns – we then used new patterns to make instruments – the makers of music – we could start the circle all over again!

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