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A Professional Journey

I am very excited to share  my most recent article

A Professional Journey: Teacher/educator/curator/mother/artist has just been published by engage, the national society for gallery education.

To read, please click the link below

A Professional Journey, engage 35, Annabel Johnson

engage cover


To access the full journal visit the engage website

engage 35: Twenty-Five Years of Gallery Education
Winter 2014
Published by engage, London


I want to thank in particularly all the fantastic women who have helped me on my way.

Especially Ania Bas who has been a dedicated champion, friend, mentor, general inspiration and kicker up the backside!

Others who have impacted this article directly and indirectly through their support and conversations throughout my career are, amongst others

Martin Child: wherever he is. My first art teacher.

Mary Wheeler: an inspirational teacher

Helen Lloyd: another inspiring teacher/educator/mother/curator

Alicia Miller: Former Head of Education at Whitechapel Gallery, mother/farmer/writer..and numerous other things!

Marijke Steedman: Curator, Whitechapel Gallery and Create

Henrietta Hine: Head of Public Programmes, Courtauld Gallery

Jean Tormey: Tate Gallery

Caro Howell: Director, Foundling Museum

Pam Meecham: Institute of Education

All the mothers out there striving to find that perfect balance in life – you know who you are!

All the inspirational artists, children and young people I have had the privilege to work with.

My husband and children who encourage and inspire me everyday


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