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Crazy creatures

Another fabulous session by Sabrina Smith Noble, where year 1 children brought magazine cuttings to life, creating these crazy creatures.

DSCF4503 DSCF4501Children worked with found images from magazines which were cut out and arranged along with wings, legs and antennae to create insects.

DSCF4497 Their creations were layered with delicate tracing paper wings and their own drawings and seem just about to hover off the page!DSCF4494 DSCF4492


For more curious creatures and collage projects see

Abigail Hunts work with children at our Cut-Up and Re-build Christmas course!

Ania Bas’ work on developing characters at Dundonald Primary School

Annabel Johnson’s work on creative play and story building inspired by  Hanah Hoch at Merton Park Primary School

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