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Machines and Inventions

Our first autumn half-term course was all about objects in motion, led by artist, Katriona Beales.

We had fun making shapes with our bodies and sketching movement.

We were inspired by the crazy machines of Jean Tinguely, and fascinated by the fact that some of them worked and some of them didn’t.  Then we started to make up inventions of our own.

We sketched:

The Radio Factory

The Radio Factory

The Magnet-Maker and Other Inventions, sketch

The Magnet-Maker and Other Inventions

Six Robots that Make and Do Useful Things

Six Robots that Make and Do Useful Things

Tricycle Bot for Saving Energy

Tricycle Bot for Saving Energy

We looked at abstract forms in the work of Alexander Calder and made some shapes ourselves.

Some of us made models; electric cars, radio factories and jet boots.

Children Creating 3D Models

Others painted and made mobiles.

Painting Our Inventions

The Pink Pen Pot

Pen Bot

Roaming Robot

We did loads of different things over our two days; it was good fun too.