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At the end of last term in Pelham Primary School, children played with scale and illusion when siting photographs of their cardboard sculptures into landscape settings.

See how the sculptures were made in a previous session: Reimagining Miro


SV200856 SV200859


This follows in the photomontage tradition used by many sculptors and architects like Mies Van de Rohe (images below) when planning major public art and architectural projects.



Children added drawings to imagine new structures that could change the use of the landscape.SV200864 SV200866 SV200875SV200868SV200869

Their sculptures morphed into new forms as stories and scenario’s developed.

SV200883 SV200893 SV200895 copy SV200898

I visited Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall during half term (see the images below). I think some of our works would brighten up their gardens. Do you think we should get in touch?

DSC_0079 DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0117

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