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Light, colour and shape

This term at Pelham Primary school children were inspired by Matisse and his use of light, colour and shape.

His exhibition at Tate Modern: Cut Outs in the Summer was an inspiration to us all at Children’s Art School.

The children watched a film of Matisse cutting directly into paper and then experimented with similar techniques.

SV200695 SV200697 SV200700 SV200699 SV200690 SV200692We worked on individual pieces

SV200725 SV200722 SV200721 SV200720 SV200719 SV200718 SV200717 SV200716 SV200715 SV200714 SV200713 SV200712 SV200707 SV200706 SV200705 And larger scale collaborative pieces

SV200724 SV200723

As the darker evenings drew in, we thought more about light and transformed the images into lanterns, by sticking tissue cut-outs onto translucent material.

DSC_0346We then made them into lanterns, lit them with LED lights and hung them from trees.

SV200746 SV200742 SV200741 IMG_8460 IMG_8455 IMG_8451 IMG_8450 IMG_8445

This was so exciting and an amazing opportunity to use and show the work we had made


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