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Breaking the rules

This week at Merton Park’s after School Art Club we finished our collaged puppets that we started last week.

See last weeks Blog: A little Puppet Happening for more details.

IMG_7841 DSC_0006IMG_7858 IMG_7859











Our aim is to create a nonsense performance including words, puppets and music.

We listened again to the music that inspired our paintings in our first session; Marks to Music and then created some nonsense poems.

We cut up words photocopied from random books and pieced them together to make a new poem. There was only one rule…break all the rules. It didn’t have to make sense, or include a full stop, just sound interesting to our ears when we read it aloud.

IMG_7854 DSC_0003 IMG_7839IMG_7840












We started to plan what our performance would look like. It had to include our poem, some music and extra characters, which we will make next week.

IMG_7864 IMG_7853 IMG_7851

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