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Signs and Symbols

Signs ans Symbols – Year 1
Building works are under way at Pelham and there signs going up all around. We’ve been looking at the shapes and colours that signs use to give us information. We had fun mixing them up to change the meanings and practiced wax resist on paper at the same time.
DSCF2649 DSCF2623
DSCF2654 DSCF2652
Anglo-Saxon Excavation
The building works at Pelham are beginning to going underground and we wondered what they might dig up. Inspired by the Merton Memories exhibition, we’re looking at some Anglo-Saxon artifacts that were discovered in Merton in the 1950′s. We’re looking at pottery and making our own pots using our hands and simple tools.
We have also been weaving and thinking about lines, texture and colour. We’re also taking this ancient technique into a 3D.  Look out for more pictures coming soon.

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