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Northern Lights Christmas Tree

PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 2

This magical Christmas Tree scene was a short project, that was completed in the last session of term.  Perfect for trying at home over the Christmas holidays!

The first step is to cut out a paper fir tree, using a stencil and cover it with strips of tissue paper using stick glue.

PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-16 2


Next up, the edges of the tissue paper are cut off and the tree is glued into position onto an A4 piece of black card.

To add the simple and stunningly effective aurora borealis, Northern Lights, you need chalk pastels and an A4 piece of paper.  Cut a wavy line along the edge of the paper and trace along it with the chalk pastel, using a different colour for each line.  But, remember to try to start at the top and work down the page for the best results.


Using your thumb or finger, smudge/feather the chalk line in an upward movement, swishing the colour to give the mystical appearance of colourful bursts of plasma in the winter sky.  Repeat at intervals down both sides of the tree.

Ta-Dah, a truly Magical Christmas scene.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-18 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-18 3 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-18 2 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 3 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 7 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 6 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 5 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 4 PHOTO-2019-12-12-21-16-17 2

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