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Bumble Bee, Humble Bee


With the arrival of Spring, Veena Scialo and her older Pelham Art Club students dedicated this term to our brilliant bees and their plight for survival.

IMG_0132The older artists started off with a poly block printing plate, using hexagonal shapes to create an A3 sized honeycomb design.


For inspiration, everyone watched a little video to learn more about honey bees and their importance.  Then we worked on some designs for our prints.

IMG_0125IMG_0124Once we completed our honeycomb pattern we looked at the anatomy of bees and made several drawings which we cut out to stick on our prints.


IMG_0128IMG_0129IMG_0133Feeling inspired by the humble bumble, we wanted to find ways to help to save our bees and got busy designing posters to convey our message.

IMG_0134 IMG_0137 IMG_0135 IMG_0138

IMG_0136To complete this project we made seed bombs out of clay, compost and seeds that when left in an outdoor environment will grow wildflowers for bees to enjoy.


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