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Modelling Miro


The source of Veena Barbara Scialo‘s inspiration this term, was the famous Spanish artist, Joan Miro.

Born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, at the turn of the 19th Century, this passionately creative artist worked in ceramics, sculpture and in paint.  A contemporary of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall, Miro developed his own visual language and crossed through many artistic movements throughout his career.

“ I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”  Joan Miro

After watching a video about Miro, the little artists put their own interpretations of his style to paper, using simple lines.


Then…colouring them using wax crayons, for their simple, bold colour.


Can you see the curves and spirals here?  These lines are characteristic of the Spaniard’s style!


Afterwards, a watercolour wash was used over the whole drawing, to complete the background. Beautifully finished works of art!

Like Miro himself, the children learnt to push the boundaries of what is possible when being creative. Moving from two-dimensions to three-dimensions, the small hands made light work of using recycled materials to construct a desktop tidy.


Firstly, the structure was built with masking tape.  Solid cylinders, pyramids and cuboids can be seen, creating functional spaces to store rubbers, pencils and sellotape.


Once the design was constructed, the next step was to paint the whole sculpture white.  This took a couple of coats, to make a smooth, solid base.  Finally, the details were added to the model and they were taken home in a beautifully hand-painted bag, with a Miroesque monogram of the artists initial!


IMG_0014A colourful collage…


In some of his works, Miro like to keep to using only Primary colours: blue, red and yellow.

IMG_0001What a fiesta!


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