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The Drawing Laboratory – Day 2

During day 2 at the Drawing Laboratory with Millie Nice we took some of our ideas further and continued the theme of becoming drawing scientists!

To remind yourself of what we did in day 1 click here.


We began the morning with a few more warm up activities to get our brains working.

Drawing with our fists, with extended pencils and by tearing paper.

DSC_0399 DSC_0400 IMG_7550DSC_0412 DSC_0416 DSC_0414 DSC_0421 DSC_0424DSC_0431 IMG_7558


We then began to develop out characters that we made in day one, by drawing them in different scenario’s.

DSC_0445 DSC_0440 DSC_0439 DSC_0441 DSC_0442 DSC_0443 DSC_0444

First their skeleton

DSC_0452 DSC_0451 DSC_0449 DSC_0448

Then in different actions, close up and with a pet, swimming and jumping….

IMG_7559 IMG_7560 IMG_7561 IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7565 IMG_7564


After lunch we did a quick activity to draw a 3D ribbon, drawing with ‘stereo pencils’.

DSC_0455 DSC_0454 IMG_7568 IMG_7570 IMG_7574We developed more characters using potato prints and then made a collaged landscape for them to live in.

DSC_0462 DSC_0466 DSC_0479 DSC_0478 DSC_0481 DSC_0486 IMG_E7580 IMG_E7585 IMG_E7586We threw together a quick exhibition so our parents could take a look at what we had done  - It had been a busy couple of days. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

DSC_0487 DSC_0488 DSC_0489



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  1. John says:

    Fantastic Annabel and Milly!

    Thank you both so much. Sebastian had a great time and loved doing art all day long!


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